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4 Instant Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing During Exercise

Breathing is one of the most important things our body does, yet we don't pay much attention to it. How we breathe can make or break a workout. Here are four instant health benefits to breathing through your nose while exercising:

  1. Boosts Oxygen Absorption - When we breathe through our nose we save carbon dioxide in our system. Carbon dioxide allows our body to exchange the used up oxygen molecule, for a new oxygen molecule in our blood stream. This doesn't happen as easily when we breathe through our mouths.

  2. Sharpens Focus - Nasal breathing increases oxygen to the brain and therefore sharpens your focus. More specifically, nasal breathing boosts visuospatial brain power or your brains ability to take in the objects surrounding you, like that curb you are hopping up, on your run.

  3. Maximize Recovery - Nasal breathing is more efficient and produces nitric oxide which dilates your blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to get to your muscles quicker. Nasal breathing also keeps your heart rate lower, allowing for a smoother and faster transition into recovery.

  4. Optimizes Performance - Nasal breathing gives us more stamina due to increased oxygen intake and lower heart rate. This allows us to exercise more effectively and increase our aerobic capacity more quickly.

But nasal breathing isn't only for the gym! A lot of us breathe through our mouths and don't even realize it. Next time you're sitting at your desk or driving to work, check in with yourself. Are you breathing through your mouth or your nose? Breathe through your nose for day to day better health.

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